Headlining today’s post … Heroines, a collaborative mural by Nether410, Whitney Frazier and Neacey

A new mural is going up on The Corner, the intersection of South Monroe and West Fayette Streets in West Baltimore. Nether410 is collaborating with community artist Whitney Frazier and community activist @1neacey on a mural depicting the Heroines of the community.

Neacey explained she has become soul weary of battling the pervasive impact of heroin in her neighborhood. For example, while she was working alone on the mural early this week, a man collapsed nearby. Neacey called 911, and the dispatcher talked her through applying CPR. When the paramedics arrived 20 minutes later, they administered Naloxone which prevented his death from an overdose. One can only imagine how scared Neacey was to literally hold that man’s life in her hands.

Such incidents over the years have prompted Neacey to do something positive and uplifting. Working with Whitney Frazier and Nether, they decided upon a mural featuring Ms. Ella Thompson, the heroine of the book and HBO miniseries The Corner. Miss Ella tirelessly helped her children, neighbors and neighborhood deal with life amid the chaos of drug addiction and drug-related violence. The mural depicts the positive force of heroines.

The Ella Thompson Foundation and the Parks and People Foundation are supporting this mural.

Here are photos of the artists in progress. Charm City Streets recommends you go check out the mural in person. It is an impressive, thought-provoking piece of art.

Work gets underway on the corner of S Monroe and W Fayette Streets

Whitney and Neacey discussing next steps

Nether and Whitney at work

Walking by

Working on detail

Neacey painting the graph

Attending to detail

Present and past heroines … each forward-looking

Capturing the moment

Neacey and Miss Ella


Almost complete … the painted tires will hold flowers and small shrubbery

Definition of a heroine

Neacey’s line of clothing: GHETTO Love – Get Higher Education To Teach Others

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