Headlining today’s post … Chicago artist Jc Rivera for JMZ Walls

After last weekend’s outstanding Bushwick Collective Block Party, I had the opportunity to check out the recent artwork curated by JMZ Walls.

At Lin’s Laundromat, located on the corner of Broadway and Park Street, artist VBallentine99 painted a captivating portrait of a woman in native garb. Belowkey’s characters were up to their usual aerosol antics. And, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles received a make-over from Turtlecaps.




South along Broadway Shiro greeted Bed-Stuy and shared hip-hop tunes while her characters were busy demonstrating their dance moves.

What’s good, BedStuy … Shiro

BK Foxx created a captivating young child who clearly communicated she needs no advice on how to be a girl.

BK Foxx

There was a dope new roll door from Lady jday.

Feminist – Lady jday

The Pink Panther was visibly displeased with Roger Rabbit in this colorful, whimsical mural by @sosabk718.

It appears Roger Rabbit is indeed exhibiting bad behavior – not just drawn that way.

Just keep rockin’ – artist Huetek’s latest piece for Spread Art NYC.

Michel Velt

I was quite pleased to come across the delightful new mural by Michel Velt on the corner of Broadway and Suydam.

Tarboxx2 made an intriguing teddy bear with a ginormous diamond gem.


I was super excited to catch Chicago artists Jc Rivera and Sentrock in action on Myrtle Avenue near Mr. Kiwi’s.

Jc Rivera and Sentrock – work in progress

Jc Rivera adding detail to Bearchamp

Jc Rivera and Sentrock at work for JMZ Walls

Photographing Bearchamp

Talking about plans

Sentrock sprayin’ fill

Bearchamp by Jc Rivera

Stay fly by Sentrock

Jc Rivera and Sentrock for JMZ Walls

The very next day I finally got to watch a favorite artist in action – from start to finish. Belowkey constructed a whimsical neighborhood bodega right next to the piece by Sentrock.

Belowkey’s signature character taking shape

Adding the bodega’s title

Working the fill up top

Adding background and dimension

Balancing act

Beginning to see

Building character, but apparently not quickly enough to someone’s satisfaction

Belowkey’s neighborhood grocery


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