Headlining today’s post … Walter White and artist wrkless recommend you Apply Yourself

Yesterday, Charm City Streets reported on the incredible murals artists created during the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival. The city abounds with art in public spaces, so today we look at the smoking hot burners, sizzling stencils, and wild and wacky wheatpastes we came across while walking around town.  A visit to Vancouver is highly recommended, but note no matter the duration of your visit it will only whet your appetite to experience more of the artwork the streets of this charming city have to offer.

Had I had another day I would have sought out more of the remarkable wheatpastes from mcbowen_artist and wrkless. Their work is eye-catching, striking, amusing and thought-provoking.

Captain Kitty to the rescue – @mwbowen_artist

BAM! KAPOW! WHACK! … Batman in purple fishnet stockings – @mwbowen_artist

Apparently, this downtrodden outdoorsman is unwelcome – @mwbowen_artist

Charm City Streets happened upon several stencils by the artist  @iheartstencils1. Each was intriguing, but the others were horribly dissed. Below you also see several slaps, stickers, and tags.

Sharing is caring – by @iheartstencils1

Slaps and tags

FWB – sticker by an unidentified artist

Graff writers who set walls aflame during the 2016 Vancouver Mural Festival include the following:




BRRRAAAP – Dedos and the mighty Transformers

Tars and the AA Crew

Downtown in Gastown, a huge mural fills a block-long alleyway behind The Red Room nightclub on West Hastings at Richards Street. Apparently, the mural is an on-going work in progress by the artist collective Cold World Media. Atop this mural there is a regular turnover of graffiti, so the alleyway has a cool, chaotic vibe.

Cold World Media mural (detail) – a work in progress







Zoner (gotta say I wish the indigenous piece were fully visible)

Reser of ETC Crew


12 ounces taking 5

Take 5

The Incredible Ease – VanCity’s Finest

The Cambie – outside Vancouver’s oldest pub

Ned Flanders on the slopes thanks to @chrispperez

In the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, Charm City Streets chanced upon unique artwork created by Max Bryan … painted T-shirts – starched no less!

Painted t-shirt by Max Bryan (@nayrbxam)

Close-up of painted t-shirt by Max Bryan

Last but certainly not least, two years ago Os Gemeos painted six ginormous silos at a cement plant on Granville Island. The view is fairly static since access is strictly limited to the front gate. However, you simply gotta go see this superfine mural when in Vancouver.

Giants – Os Gemeos on Granville Island

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