Blind Justice _ 07

Headlining today’s post … Blind Justice by Nether

Last week Nether began painting Blind Justice, the fourth Sandtown Visions mural. It is located at Diamondz Auto Spa on the corner of W North Avenue and Division Street.

Blind Justice _ 01

Blind Justice

Blind Justice _ 02

Father and daughter observe Blind Justice

Blind Justice _ 03

Blind Justice … located at Diamondz Auto Spa

Blind Justice _ 04

Nether at work on Blind Justice

Blind Justice _ 05

Talking about Blind Justice

Blind Justice _ 06

Near the end of Day Three

Blind Justice _ 08

Reflection of Blind Justice

Blind Justice _ 09

Watching the artist at work

Blind Justice _ 10

Overlooking Diamondz Auto Spa

You may recall from previous posts that the Visions: Sandtown Mural & Arts Project will paint 18 murals and create other art projects over the summer in order to draw attention to the issues adversely affecting the neighborhood (abandoned houses, inadequate education, lack of job opportunities, police brutality, etc.) and thereby bring about positive change in the community. You can contribute to the fund helping to cover artists’ expenses.

Artist Ernest Shaw, Jr. will soon begin painting the next mural. Stay tuned to Charm City Streets for other announcements and coverage of the Sandtown Visions project.



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