Baltimore Bicycle Works

Headlining today’s edition … Baltimore Bicycle Works by Stefan Ways


Today’s edition of What’s Up on Charm City Streets covers the second half of November 2014 and features a new mural by Stefan Ways; a new Red X wheatpaste by Nether; and a new wire sculpture by Reed Bmore; plus work by several artists along the Jones Falls waterway and in Graffiti Alley.

Mural in progress

Mural in progress – Stefan Ways


What's Up 30Nov2014_2

Adding color over Thanksgiving Weekend – Stefan Ways at work

Completed mural

Baltimore Bicycle Works mural – Stefan Ways

Red X

Red X – Nether

What's Up 30Nov2014_4

Sega in Graffiti Alley

A matter of respect

A matter of respect

What's Up 30Nov2014_08

Vose – along Jones Falls

What's Up 30Nov2014_09

MTN – along Jones Falls

What's Up 30Nov2014_10

Later – along Jones Falls

What's Up 30Nov2014_11

Siek – along Jones Falls


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