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Headling today’s post … Owl Be Back

Today’s edition of What’s Up on Charm City Streets covers the month of April, 2015.

On N Charles Street there are four wheatpastes by an unidentified artist: a machine gun toting Marilyn Monroe; a cash-counting young woman from the 1950s; a French maid in a provocative pose; and, Stormtrooper Mickey. All very eye-catching and amusing.

What's Up Apr 2015_02

Wheatpastes on N Charles Street

What's Up Apr 2015_03

Marilyn Monroe, gun-toting moll

What's Up Apr 2015_04

In the money

What's Up Apr 2015_05

Ooh la la

What's Up Apr 2015_06

Stormtrooper Mickey


Over the past two weeks or so in Graffiti Alley one artist has spent quite a bit of time, talent and treasure painting six different pieces dedicated to his son Noah. These back-to-back pieces cover two entire walls.

What's Up Apr 2015_08

Rocko … BBoy stance

What's Up Apr 2015_07

Painting Rocko

What's Up Apr 2015_09

Dedicated to Noah and Nakia

What's Up Apr 2015_10

To Noah from Dad

What's Up Apr 2015_11

To Noah

What's Up Apr 2015_12

Cowbunga … Noah

What's Up Apr 2015_13


What's Up Apr 2015_14


What's Up Apr 2015_15

Do you Noah LameOne?


LameOne, an artist visiting from San Francisco, created two cool pieces entitled Owl Be Back and What Is Your Spirit Animal?

What's Up Apr 2015_16


What's Up Apr 2015_17

Lame One

What's Up Apr 2015_18

Lame and Noah

What's Up Apr 2015_19

Who don’t like characters? Owl be back! The LameOne

What's Up Apr 2015_20

What is your spirit animal?


It bears repeating that in Southwest Baltimore Nether painted a mural based on one of Martha Cooper’s photos from her Sowebo/Soweto series.

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _5

Mural by Nether


Rounding out the month, two writings by Khast.

What's Up Apr 2015_22


What's Up Apr 2015_23

Khast 2




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