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Headlining today’s edition … Siek


Today’s edition of What’s Up on Charm City Streets covers the month of August, 2015.

Late August saw a flurry of activity on Morton Street in Station North Arts District with new pieces by Siek, Stab, Arizona, and others.

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Character by Siek

What's Up 8-31-15 _03

Stab at work

What's Up 8-31-15 _04

Hotboy by Stab

What's Up 8-31-15 _08

Thumbs Up on Morton Street

What's Up 8-2015 b


What's Up 8-2015 a


The owner of the lot Section 1 Art Park used during Artscape gave permission to build an open air gallery featuring a number of murals created during the live paint sessions at Artscape. Moreover, artists may continue painting there, and so we see new murals by Richard Best, Felipe Goncalves, Pablo Machioli, and others.

What's Up 8-31-15 _05

3-D Woman by Richard Best

What's Up 8-31-15 _06

Torito by Pablo Machioli

What's Up 8-31-15 _11


What's Up 8-31-15 _07

Space creature by Felipe Goncalves

In Sandtown Nether completed his mural Blind Justice.

What's Up 8-31-15 _19

Blind Justice by Nether

Reed Bmore fashioned a wire sculpture of a bird happy to have broken out of his cage.

What's Up 8-31-15 _20

No longer caged … wire sculpture by Reed Bmore

What's Up 8-31-15 _21

No longer caged … wire sculpture by Reed Bmore

In Remington, Charm City Streets discovered recent work by Arek, Later, and Stoe.

What's Up 8-31-15 _15


What's Up 8-31-15 _16


What's Up 8-31-15 _19


What's Up 8-31-15 _17


Virs and Bent wrote in Graffiti Alley.

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What's Up 8-31-15 _13





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