Headlining today’s post … ringing in 2016 in color!

Headlining today’s post … ringing in 2016 in color!

Today’s edition of What’s Up on Charm City Streets covers the month of December, 2015.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of Anna Marie Wolfe of BaltiMurals, Canadian artist Birdo visited West Baltimore where he created a fantastic mural on the corner of Franklin and Pulaski Streets.

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 01

New mural in West Baltimore by Canadian artist Birdo

On Whitelock Street, legendary Baltimore street artist Adam Stab completed his mural for the Eubie Blake: Sandtown Mural Project (which local artist Nether curated).

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 02

Toward the beginning … Adam Stab for the Eubie Blake: Sandtown Mural Project

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 03

Toward completion … Adam Stab for the Eubie Blake: Sandtown Mural Project

Reed Bmore was busy this month fashioning a super wire sculpture of Mario chasing Toad and Christmas presents across Light Street. In addition, an angelic child dressed in winter wear (but minus shoes) flew in the heavens above the intersection of Greenmount and North Avenue.

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 06

Super Mario … Reed Bmore

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 05

Super Mario and Toad play games atop Light Street

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 04

A Christmas angel soars above Station North … Reed Bmore

In Sowebo you can see recent outstanding pieces by Krude, Mawk, Meca and other writers.

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 13


What's Up Dec 2015 _ 08


What's Up Dec 2015 _ 09


What's Up Dec 2015 _ 10

Meca and KSW

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 12


What's Up Dec 2015 _ 11

Get well

While driving through East Baltimore, Charm City Streets discovered an inspiring mural Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn conceived and crafted several years ago for the Baltimore Mural Program. Speaking of murals and BOPA, be sure to visit the exhibit Beautiful Walls for Baltimore at the School 33 Art Center (1427 Light Street). You have until January 30, 2016 to see and experience this celebration of the 40th anniversary of BOPA’s Mural Program.

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 14

New Day … Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn for BOPA Mural Program

With the renovation nearly complete at the Motor House building on North Avenue, graff writers such as Noah and Memo are returning to Graffiti Alley.

What's Up Dec 2015 _ 15


What's Up Dec 2015 _ 16


Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy, and artful New Year!



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