Headlining today’s post … Henrietta Lacks & Johns Hopkins … early morning light on the latest mural by Gaia

Sponsored by the Southeast Community Development Corporation, Nanook painted a new mural on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Grundy Street in Highlandtown. Nanook entitled the mural Frontera and explained it depicts a chain link fence over a nopal tuna cactus. The Águila is breaking through the chain link fence and faces a Trichocereus brevispinulosis which overlaps a cat scan of a human skull. On the far left is a bundle of steel that represents the fence before it became a violent tool.

What's up 6-2016 _ 13

Template for Nanook’s mural Frontera

What's up 6-2016 _ 14

Stretching high to add detail and shadowing

What's up 6-2016 _ 15

Considering next steps in the painting process

What's up 6-2016 _ 16

Following the plan

What's up 6-2016 _ 17

Spraying on color and highlights

What's up 6-2016 _ 18

Talking with people from the Highlandtown community

What's up 6-2016 _ 19

Laying down paint on the mural’s top border

What's up 6-2016 _ 20

Daytime view of Frontera – almost complete

What's up 6-2016 _ 21

Nanook pleased that the mural is complete – and that he can now get out of the hot summer sun

Frontera depicts a chain link fence over a nopal tuna cactus. The Aquila is breaking the chain link fence & is facing a Trichocereus brevispinulosis which is overlapping a cat scan of a human brain. On the far left is a bundle of steel representing the fence before it becomes a violent tool.

A view of Frontera at evening twilight

Near the corner of 28th and Barclay Streets, Reed Bmore created a wire sculpture that portrays a not so charming frog prince.

Not charming?

Not charming?

Late in the month, Nether began a new mural inning at the Arabber stable on N Fremont Avenue. More about his mural in the next edition of What’s Up on Charm City Streets.

Prized Arabber medallion

Prized Arabber medallion … mural by Nether

Artful comment by Gaia on the recent developments in the Freddie Gray trials:

Whoever died from a rough ride ... the whole damn system

Whoever died from a rough ride … the whole damn system

MICA students enrolled in the Street Art 101 course continue to display their classwork in the Section 1 mural lot on the corner of Maryland and E Lafayette Avenues.

What's up 6-2016 _ 04

Let me hear ya music – part 1 … mural by Storms


Let me hear ya music – part 2 … mural by Storms

What's up 6-2016 _ 06

Mechanical narwhal – part 1


Mechanical narwhal – part 2

What's up 6-2016 _ 10

Love is what we live on – back to the Sixties

What's up 6-2016 _ 08

Mako and elderly people

What's up 6-2016 _ 09

Mako and elderly people – part 2

What's up 6-2016 _ 07

Encountering nature

What's up 6-2016 _ 05

It’s bear clock … wheatpaste by Kalinn

It comes as no surprise that such politically-inspired artwork as the devilish Donald and Hillary appears around the city.

What's up 6-2016 _ 11What's up 6-2016 _ 12

Whether it was lazin’ on a Sunday afternoon or some weekday, there was new artwork by graff writers ABST, Daver, Decay, Noah, Spinz, and Thuro in East Baltimore, the Station North Arts District, and West Baltimore. In contrast to the hot summer weather, one writer is already thinking of Xmas.

What's up 6-2016 _ 03

ABST – lazin’ on a Sunday afternoon

What's up 6-2016 _ 02


What's up 6-2016 _ 26



Jesus Headspinz

Jesus Headspinz

What's up 6-2016 _ 24


What's up 6-2016 _ 27



Stencil by Color Cult

What's up 6-2016 _ 25

Say aaahhh


Stay tuned for a separate article illustrating the development of the Henrietta Hicks/Johns Hopkins mural Gaia completed yesterday on the corner of Harford Rd and E Biddle St.



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