Headlining today’s post … Cellar Dwellers by subterranean Stoe

Acclaimed writers Ichabod, Arek, Mast, and Jurne created an outstanding back to back piece in the Station North Arts District. It is fitting that artist Bob Ross from the celebrated PBS show The Joy of Painting commands a central role in the piece.

Ichabod – collaboration with Arek, Mast and Jurnes

Arek – collaboration with Ichabod, Mast and Jurnes

Mast – collaboration with Ichabod, Arek and Jurnes

Jurnes – collaboration with Ichabod, Arek and Mast

In Sowebo, thanks to the talented Motor and Adam Stab, there is dope new graffiti honoring the original Southside Slayer crew. Local resident Lydia poses in front of Stab’s piece to draw attention to her SFNS (straight face no smile) tattoo which Stab incorporated into the artwork.



Adam Stab incorporated Lydia’s tattoo SFNS into his piece.

Wire sculptor Reed Bmore fashioned new artwork: one features the delightful character from the children’s book Harold and the purple crayon (by Crockett Johnson); and, the second sculpture implies sooner or later love is gonna hit you … like an anvil. Ouch! Reed’s piece entitled Hustle still hangs above N Howard Street. It displays a young enterprising roadside windshield washer.

Harold and the purple crayon – wire sculpture by Reed Bmore

Sooner or later love is gonna hit you – like an anvil?

Hustle – windshield washer

Charm City Streets encountered multiple burners and chromies by Jekel, Meca, Stoe, and Userp. Given the proliferation of his dope pieces seemingly everywhere, Userp could soon earn an all-city title.

Jekel – a reflection


Meca – a landmark piece

Meca – chromie with a lava lamp effect


Cellar Dwellers … by Stoe

Userp trail-side in Wyman Park

Userp stream-side in Wyman Park

Userp – a tunnel vision


Streamside, tunnels, and underpasses, oh my! Not only did the unseasonably warm weather entice many more artists outside than usual during February, it also permitted Charm City Streets to discover artwork in a variety of off the beaten trail locations. Here follows artwork by Arek, Cedar, Krone, Later, Walter and others, including a cool scene Tank7 first photographed.

Arek – a historic piece

Boat – favored by an east wind

Angry Kevin and bombers Dawg and Scarft


Huske – dissed beyond recognition a few days after this photo

Kick Push Gang


A historic Later

Peace, man

Thuro – not the father



Walter and Userpizm

Streamside in Wyman Park: Fisho, Zoner, Arek, Userp and Busboy

Be sure to catch the recent artwork by @chrissmith410, Osirus, Voke, West and others in Graffiti Alley. The bunnies by New York-based artist Jules Muck are still active in the alley, so hurry over and see them before someone disses or buffs them.

Clean up the streets

Just in case

An A-maze-ing serpent by @chrissmith410

Skull by West

Voke and character by Osirus


Portrait by West

Caspa and colorful characters

Severed by Pharaoh


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