Headlining today’s post … this thought-provoking roller visible in a couple of spots along I-83

Brazilian artist Alex Senna, with collaborative support from Section 1 Project and Urban Walls Brazil, created a fascinating new mural on Union Street in Woodberry. Entitled Oh, Baltimore ain’t hard just to live?, the mural depicts three children playing with a small fire that’s generating a lot of smoke. To see more of Senna’s artwork, visit his website.

Alex Senna – Work in progress

A wider view of the work in progress

Alex Senna rollin’ on

“Oh, Baltimore, ain’t hard just to live?” in predawn light

First light of the new day

Early morning sun casting shadows

Several weeks ago, someone used a roller to write The “L” and the butterfly in large block letters below the roof line of the abandoned warehouse opposite the new mural by Alex Senna. Last weekend, someone buffed that enigmatic message and wrote Jim Crow runs Bmore!!  One could see the same message farther south along I-83 near the North Howard Street bridge until the City buffed it a couple of days ago.

Jim Crow runs Bmore!!

Renowned Baltimore artist Nether completed an inspirational new mural on the corner of Orleans Street and N Minton Avenue. This is the second mural Nether has created for Arts+Parks. Earlier this year, Nether partnered with professional landscaper Elise Victoria to form Arts+Parks. Together they create art-filled green spaces in Baltimore’s underserved communities. With the new mural complete, Elise is now busy landscaping the McElderry Park on N Minton Avenue. You can read Charm City Streets’ report on their first project: the Carey Street Pocket Park in the Harlem Park neighborhood.

Nether’s mural for the new McElderry Park from Arts+Parks

Pipevine swallowtail – detail from the McElderry Park mural by Nether

Wire sculptor extraordinaire Reed Bmore created a thought-provoking new piece entitled DACA. It shows a surveillance camera popping out of a piñata.

DACA – new wire sculpture by Reed Bmore

There was a lot of artistic activity in Sowebo this month. On the wall of the West Side One Stop Super Mart, dope 3D burners by writers Jigl and Wasp replaced the landmark piece created by Ryke, Wake, Ways, Sear, and Dame.

West Side One Stop Super Mart in 2013

New 3D piece by Jigl

New 3D piece by Wasp

Along with Stoe, Jigl and Wasp were also busy steaming up walls on the north side of town.

Stoe – BA Crew

Jigl – MFK Crew

Wasp – MFK Crew

Stoe fill and Jigl’s tag

Wasp and Jigl handstylin’

On the corner of S Monroe and McHenry Streets in Sowebo, someone completely scribbled over the smokin’ hot burners Jam-One, Daver, Arbor, Tale, and Stoe painted in mid-June. Arek, Crown, Stamp, Walt, Duer, and Rei21replaced the scribblings with dope new work.







Much-admired writers Jurne and Stoe must have water-wings as their side-by-side Graffatties burners illustrate. Keepin’ it real may be exhaustin’!, but Jurne and Stoe deliver 100% each time they take aerosol can in hand.

Graffatties – Jurne

Graffatties – Stoe

Very pleased to see Adam Stab created a new masterpiece on Morton Street in the Station North Arts District.

Hand of Doom – Stab – Ex-Vandals

Scurrying about underpasses, Charm City Streets came across remarkable pieces by Drips, Earth, Pedal, Jekyl, and Jakot.



Earth, Pedal, Jekyl





Walt, Busboy and Hazel were busy keeping it deliciously simple along a well-trod park trail in the Hampden area.

Walt, Busboy, Hazel




Near Patterson Park, a carnivorous apex predator decked out in a tutu practiced her balletic plies. Dutta, the artist of this eye-catching wheatpaste, told Charm City Streets many more dino paste-ups are in the works. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Dancing dino – wheatpaste by @duttaart

This prehistoric critter in business attire is the second wheatpaste by @duttaart

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