Headlining today’s post … new mural by Nether for Arts+Parks

On a cold morning mid-month, Charm City Streets visited Nether on site of the latest Arts + Parks mural project. Located on the corner of East Madison Street at North Curley, the main mural illustrates the cultural history of this Eastside neighborhood. In the late 1900s and early 20th century, it grew to handle the wave of newly-arrived Czech immigrants and soon became known as Little Bohemia or Bohemia Village. Two smaller murals depicting tulips and black-eyed Susans accompany the Bocek mural. Weather-permitting, professional landscaper Elise Victoria will begin to redesign and replant the space along the sidewalk.

Working on final details

Trying to clean up despite cold fingers

Chatting with the photographer

Checking on the mural’s progress

Awaiting pick-up of the lift

The Bocek Arts+Parks mural

During the first week of December, artists Richard Best and Harrison Lance Crawford painted a stunning new mural featuring koi swimming and spring out of the water at sunrise. You can see the mural at R.House in Remington and then enjoy a delicious meal in the food hall.

Koi mural by Richard Best and H.L. Crawford

Discussing next steps for their koi mural

The colder weather forced the homeless to pack up camp and move to warmer climes. Access to several covered sites became available again, and Charm City Streets came across recent dope pieces by well-respected local writers Adam Stab, Stoe, and their crew members.

Eastside – Adam Stab and Dame



Ken and Stoe



Trackside this month Gearoh, Nick and Sper crafted striking chromies.




Side-by-side with Sper, Nick and Gearoh

New pieces by Fiber, Mica, Rowl, Styne, and Vask appeared … and toys quickly dissed and scribbled over all but Vask. On a roller door an unidentified artist painted a skull reminiscent of those by @dstryr_.






Unidentified artist but looks similar to work by dstryr_

Best wishes to one and all for a happy, healthy New Year!

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