Headlining today’s post … Da Motha from the #blkwomen series by Megan Lewis

July was a hectic month, both personally and art wise. I spent the first couple of weeks visiting family in Seattle and the last week or so getting the house ready to go on the market. Our daughters and grandchildren now live in Seattle, so my wife and I have decided to move to the Emerald City. Despite all the hustle and bustle, I made time to photograph the latest art in Baltimore’s public spaces. Of course, it took me until the end of August before I had time to process the images. Thank you for your patience.

The dynamic duo of Daver and Siek created side-by-side burners with Meca and Arbor. Remember Jessica Rabbit is not bad, she’s simply painted that way.




She’s just drawn that way




The homeowner posing by the alleycat

At the Motor House Adam Stab presented Moving Targets; a multimedia program to draw attention to our country’s gun culture and gun violence. Throughout the Station North Arts District one could see the thought-provoking wheatpastes Adam created for this program.

Moving Targets – Horror Overdose

Moving Target – More Gunz on Campus?

Moving Targets

Moving Targets – Harbinger of Death

July heralded in a welcome flurry of incredible artwork in Graffiti Alley. During Artscape Nether and Adam Stab collaborated on a heartfelt tribute to Mask. Adam then invited celebrated local graff writers Arek, Huske, Later, Rezist, Seth, and Stoe to each write Refuse in their handstyle to protest the current political climate. Megan Lewis fashioned a series of murals called Evolving. The hashtag was #blkwomen. Megan explained Life is amazin’; it is what it should be. Will Watson painted a dope mural – his first aerosol artwork in several years. West continued his amazing portrait work.

Mask – a work in progress by Adam Stab and Nether

Mask – a tribute by Adam Stab and Nether

Refuse – by Later

Refuse – by Arek

Refuse – by Rezist

Refuse – by Stoe

Refuse – by Seth

Refuse – by Huske

Da Motha – #blkwomen by Megan Lewis

#blkwomen by Megan Lewis

Portrait by Will Watson

Duality – by West (@thedeadpiratewestley)

Soarin’ – by Nether

Hart of the City – a collaboration by Richard Best, ROK 275 and Reed Bmore

In Sowebo Arek, Daver, Rezist, and Krude created a second tribute to Mask. Meca polished chrome. And, the NSF crew honored fallen crew members.

Tribute to Mask

Character by Krude


Fallen NSF Crewmembers

Again continued to get up in intriguing places all around town.

Again – gotta love that A

Again – Kay Pee Gee

Damage, Userp and Walt went belowground.

Userp, Walt and Damage




Jah1, Done, Vedas, and Donor created a golden end-to-end wall along the Morton Street alleyway.





A tribute to Dabs

A tribute to Broe

I will conclude this month’s wrap-up of new graffiti and street art in Baltimore with a wee bit of whimsy.

Outerspace brainiac

Uplifting – artist unidentified

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