Headlining today’s post … Women of property in Remington by Gaia

Baltimore’s globetrotting artist Gaia, with a helping hand from local artist Brandon Buckson, created a captivating new mural last week on the corner of W 26th Street and Hampden Avenue in Remington.

The mural portrays four women and their connection to property in the neighborhood. The woman on the left holds historic Union Mill, the world’s largest producer of cotton duck in the late 1800s. The second woman holds a rent-to-own property. The third woman is the proprietor of a family-owned storefront. And, the woman on the right owns the rowhouse that serves as the canvas for the mural.

Gaia’s template for the Women of Property mural

Checking out the progress of the neighborhood’s new mural

WIP – Holding Union Mills, the historic duck cloth factory

WIP – Holding a rent-to-own property

WIP – holding a family-run store

Getting ready to start the work day

Fleshing out the facial details

The fire chief stops by for an inspection

Adding depth and dimension

Clearing a clogged cap

Artist Brandon Buckson lends a hand

Painting over the inevitable missed spots

Gaia and Brandon – the final day of work

A step up, but still not quite high enough to clearly see Gaia has plastic bags covering his new shoes.

Holding Union Mills, a historic duck cloth factory

Holding a rent-to-own property

Holding a family-run store

The owner of the building on which the mural is painted

The Women of Property by Gaia

Even in the rain Gaia’s new mural is a bright spot in the Remington neighborhood

This large scale mural, the first of three walls Gaia is slated to paint in the neighborhood, came to being after the Greater Remington Improvement Association received the Transformative Art Prize from the Baltimore Office of Promotions and Arts. This program awards funds to Baltimore City artists and neighborhoods who work together to enliven underutilized public spaces through high-impact, community-driven public art projects.

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