Headlining today’s post … a dope collaboration by City Kitty, Neon Savage, Rx Skulls and C_3

On a photo tour last week I came across a number of wheatpastes by two favorite New York City artists.

City Kitty (@citykittystreet) creates elaborate, whimsical hand-drawn artwork that features quirky cats and people with multiple eyes and noses.


Hold on!

Notebook Kitty



Collaboration by City Kitty and Lmnopi

Candy corn! Candy corn! Happy Halloween!!!

Another collaboration by City Kitty and Lmnopi

Life’s a bitch … is this a new board game from Milton Bradley? Collab by City Kitty, Dr Scott, RX Skulls and Voxx Romana

Honeymoon in Roma … detail shot

You win

Be sure not to stop on this critter’s square!

Lmnopi (@lmnopimaize) creates expressive, thought-provoking portraits of individuals impacted by human rights abuse, immigration policies, climate change, and social injustice.

SW Fronteras

The Protector

No human being is illegal


Dongria Kondh


No child is illegal

Portrait of a woman

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