Headlining today’s post … the 8×8 foot collage by Nick Zimbro

On New Year’s Eve the Fridge Gallery in Washington, DC brought its 2018 Street Sticker Expo to a close. Artist iwillnot created this event, and over the past five years the art show has grown in size and popularity. DC Street Sticker Expo 4.0 presented thousands of stickers by hundreds of artists from around the world. The major attractions at the 2018 event were the ginormous 8’ square collage by artist Nick Zimbro (@mr.zimbro) and the life-size skateboarder by Hugh Brisman (@hughbrisman).

Skateboarder by Hugh Brisman

It was mesmerizing to stand in place and slowly turn to see all the stickers covering the walls and ceiling. As one walked around the gallery and stepped ever closer to a wall, the view became kaleidoscopic. That is, one would see an ever-changing array of colorful vinyl and paper canvases.

Part of one wall filled to overflowing with stickers

Going in for a closer look at artwork by Skam, Bean Manson, Inmmezzure, Angry Kevin and others

A wide view of another wall

Stepping up for a closer view of City Kitty

Up close with C3 from England, RX Skulls and Skam from Portland, and T.M. Gallows from Phoenix

Baltimore/DC Metro area artists and graffiti writers such as Decoy, Caspa, Feln, Mas Paz and others were well represented. In addition, artists from Portland, Phoenix, Chicago, Germany, Greece and other cities worldwide submitted artwork to the expo.

Voxx Romana from Portland and ProHeroes Stickers from Athens, Greece … plus a shout-out to Cool Disco Dan

The popsicle burger hails from Hamburg, Germany

Sleepisfamous, RX Skulls and many more covered the ceiling

DC’s renowned Mas Paz looking down from above

Eyes on the walls were watching the watchers

All those watchful eyes were a scream (@artbybs)

She hopes to see you at next year’s expo (Skam next to @artbybs)

CHEER UP admiring the self-collaboration by RX Skulls

45 appeared at the show

Looks like 45’s appearance was a fright for some (@nerdfigure)

All babies are cute – even skeletal and monster babies (Skam and T.M. Gallows)

Blastin’ off into outer sticker space (DeadMeat … @mattykaz85)

I was pleased to discover two new favorite artists Majic Monsters (@majicmonsters) and David Icon (@davidicon).


A coat of many pockets

A nice merlot

Man’s favorite

Cheer Up – pink is in style

Please sir, may I have another?

Yo ho ho!

Artful activity, including a tag by Mizta, spilled out into the courtyard

And now a word from City Kitty … Meow

Nun better … Decoydc prays you’ll remember to attend the next DC Street Sticker Expo

If you missed the 2018 Street Sticker Expo, check out the dope book Smashed: the Art of the Sticker Combo by artist iwillnot who, as I mentioned, created the DC Street Sticker Expo four years ago.


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