Headlining today’s post … Albert Einstein loves New York 2 by Kobra

After touring Brooklyn, Charm City Streets boarded the L Line and spent two days in Lower Manhattan in search of new and new-to-me murals.

Today’s photo tour takes us through the East Village, the Bowery, Noho, Soho, Greenwich Village, and Chelsea.

View along Rivington Street of the rockstar mural by Kobra

Janis and Kurt – Kobra

Jim and Jimi – Kobra

Amy Winehouse – Kobra

East Village mural of Michael Jackson – Kobra

Ellis – work in progress by Kobra

Streetside view of Albert Einstein lovin’ New York – Kobra

Sonny Sundancer for the L.I.SA. Art Project

Standing tall – Sonny Sundancer for the L.I.SA. Art Project

Good grief! Is baseball season over already? – long-standing classic by Jerkface

Homer peering over Stanton Street – Jerkface

Mickey double-exposed … Jerkface

Grafstract by Fumero

Fumero in his environment

The Glartiator invites warriors to come out and spray … wheatpaste by Fumero

Boombox vandal – Nick Walker

I love NY – Nick Walker


Sneaks by Nubian Artwork

BB Bastidas for the L.I.SA. Art Project

Beastie Boys tribute – a classic by Danielle Mastrion

K-Nor and Outer Source

Be sure to enjoy the ever-changing outdoor art gallery in First Street Green Park at 2nd Avenue and E Houston Street.

Teleport by @Gongkan_

Steaming hot bowl of gruel – Grooseling


Wasteland – Vanessa Powers

Butterfly – Danielle Mastrion

Work in progress – Lexi Bella

Exiting FSG Park we walk one block west along E Houston Street to the intersection with Bowery where our photo tour continues.

Flyin’ high – Sean9Lugo

Dream big – Solus


TJ Mizell from the Make the Invisible Visible series … by Vhils

Hand in hand – Stik

Graffiti writers – Dasic Fernandez

Live life colorfully – Jason Naylor

Space jam – Fernandoleon for The New Allen

NYC vibe – Oz Gemeos

NYC vibe – Oz Gemeos

Spectacles – wheatpaste by @dain_nyc

Jimi Hendrix at Rags-a-gogo … by Muckrock


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