Headlining today’s post … PhoebeNewYork vroomin’ through NYC

PhoebeNewYork  is the alter ego of New York City artist Libby Schoettle. Phoebe springs to life from collages the artist creates and pastes up all around the city boroughs and increasingly around the world. As you can see from the following images, PhoebeNewYork  provides a cornucopia of entertaining thoughts and witty comments on life and love.

Recently, at the Little Tong Noodle Shop in the East Village, one could see a number of dope wheatpastes featuring PhoebeNewYork .

I stole the idea

Are you kidding?

Fab Four line-up

Girl Power

Believe in yourself

Risk it!

Just hanging out

All I want is everything

Be confident

I’m extravagant

That’s hope


Charm City Streets enjoyed these additional encounters with PhoebeNewYork around Lower Manhattan.

Stay single

Important call

The moment I saw you

Be confident

Why should I

Maybe this is how it starts

Bullseye – Trust


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