Headlining today’s post – superb collaboration by Joe Iurato and Rubin415

Late last week Charm City Streets had the pleasure of touring New York’s Astoria neighborhood and capturing images of the artwork created in early June during the 2018 Welling Court Mural Project.

Artists from around the city, the Pacific Northwest, and Europe created artwork that’s colorful, captivating, fascinating, intriguing, cautionary, whimsical, and even a little foreboding. Moreover, I came across some dope graffiti, outstanding wheatpastes, a phenomenal stencil, and more.

Super Fresh – Queen Andrea

Cey – Cey Adams

Spone – tribute to fallen writers

Crash – Crashone

Tropicalia Revisited – Daze


Shaman – Sinned

Ryan Seslow


All about con-servation of the rich – Praxis VGZ

Robots will kill – ChrisRWK

Jerms – collab by Jerms, Topaz and Belowkey

Art markers

Mr. Never Satisfied

Queen Alien, Invasion of the Tweets – Hooker

Girl on a swing – LMNOPI

Robo Liz Taylor and Family – Rene Gagnon and Kimyon Huggins

RoyaL KingBee

Trace and Harrybones


Grim Reaper – Harrybones

This is how I think – FishwithBraids

Carpe Diem – AdamFu


Love art – collab by Lorenzo Masnah and elxcupetnegre



Human – Panic Rodriguez

Love sick – collab by Dirt Cobain and Jeff Henriquez

Damien Mitchell (#wip)

Permanent vacation – Mastro

Wall by Waneonecod, Epicuno and Col Wallnuts

Fab fashion – stencil by FKDL

Lady of the castle – Voxx Romana

Four eyes – RX Skulls

Universe – Dr.Scott

Bath time – Dr.Scott


Wood sculpture – City Kitty

Not art – stickers by Dr.Scott

Anxiety is normal in an unjust society – RCHL (@oikofugicrchl)

Look, America needs immigrants to be great again – Avilar


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