Headlining today’s post … one kewl be-boppin’ crab by Daver

June was a busy month. Like wildflowers in a meadow, colorful new artwork popped up and blanketed the city.

In the Clipper Mill neighborhood, the celebrated Brazilian artist L7Matrix created a pelican serenely floating amidst frenetic motion. It was fascinating watching L7Matrix in action. First he sprayed on the rough outline; painted the remarkably life-like eye with a brush; and, then added the basic fill, contours, and dimensionality with spray paint. Next, he threw paint with a brush to generate those swirling lines and shapes that suggest the visual motion and spray of water surrounding pelicans feeding at sea. This attention-grabbing mural came about thanks to the cooperation of Creative Labs, Urban Walls Brazil, and A Workshop of Our Own.

Outline complete

Adding depth and dimension

Adding a sense of motion

L7Matrix for Creative Labs and Urban Walls Brazil

Detail showing the life-like eye

Well-known artist Jeff Huntington created a dramatic new mural along Key Highway in Locust Point. This large-scale mural depicts three prominent figures in Baltimore’s history: Edgar Allan Poe, Francis Scott Key, and Billie Holiday. Read Charm City Streets’ full report here.

Edgar Allan Poe and Francis Scott Keys by Jeff Huntington

Baltimore’s own – Billie Holiday by Jeff Huntington

Along Clipper Mill Road in Hampden, Nether painted a triptych on a commercial car repair shop. The three panels feature a Baltimore oriole, repair tools, and a raven. The raven’s feathers have a remarkably realistic sheen.

Nether at Clipper Mill Automotive

Raven panel

Tool panel

Baltimore oriole panel

In conjunction with several local groups in the Middle East community, Pablo Machioli is busy fashioning a striking new mural at the intersection of E Madison and N Madeira Streets. The two-story tall artwork depicts an indigenous trio playing drums.

Work in progress by Pablo Machioli

Drummer detail

In mid-June a number of Baltimore’s eminent graff writers gathered at the Bay Island Seafood House in Sowebo. Arbor, Daver, Rezist, Stoe, and several other recognized writers raised the ambient temperature of the neighborhood with the dope burners they painted. As you can see below, the burner (a #wip) by Jurne offers a special visual effect which initially caused me to misread it.

Ander (work in progress)

Arbor and Later

Daver with Stab and Later


Huske and Walt


Rezist – with a tribute to Vandal


Jurne (work in progress) – a little tough to decipher at first

Because it is Jurne written backwards


Meca, Twig, and Teer (unfortunately dissed almost immediately) painted tributes to fellow writer Cedyk who passed away suddenly. Here you can also see the burner Cedyk and Bones painted on Mother’s Day in Graffiti Alley.

Cedyk by Meca

Cedyk by Twig

Cedyk by Teer

Bones and Cedyk

Cedyk – Happy Mother’s Day

The Station North Arts District was a hotbed of artistic creativity as Moter, Mawk, Jah, Oilrig, and others rocked the walls along narrow Morton Street.



Allora … Jah (Jah-1)



Charm City Streets experienced tunnel vision again as Chuck, Daver, Jakot, Jurnes, and other graff writers were busy lighting the darkness beneath city streets.








Elsewhere around the city Absurd, Again, Drips, Meca, Nsane and many others found new concrete canvases.


Absurd tag





Meca tag




Hello my name is Oilrig


Don’t fear the future



It’s Lit-ten

Maryland maze by chrissmith410 … dissed immediately

Stand against tyranny slap

Intriguing 360 degree portrait around the utility pole by an unidentified artist

Self-portrait? – by West

Be sure to read the reports Charm City Streets wrote earlier this month on the annual Bushwick Collective Block Party in Brooklyn and the Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria, Queens. The artwork was myriad, and the artists simply incredible.

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