Headlining today’s post … Again climbed lofty heights again!

Prior to its grand opening, Baltimore’s dynamic Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn created one of their signature murals on Union Craft Brewing in the new Union Collective at 1700 W. 41st Street in the Hampden-Medfield neighborhood. Their use of color, shape and pattern is striking. The closer you approach the mural the more intriguing the patterns and shapes within patterns and shapes becomes. You gotta check out this fascinating mural … and enjoy all that the Union Collective will soon have to offer.

New mural by Katey and Jessie underway at Union Craft Brewing

A rainy day enhances the colors

Step closer to enjoy the color, patterns and shapes

Closer still

Don’t be shy, take another step

Enjoy the dazzling colors, dimensionality, and swirling shapes

Always a pleasure, Charm City Streets encountered Noah and Later painting dope new burners in Graffiti Alley.

Noah greeting onlookers and photographers below

Later at work


Ex-Vandal Later

Two weeks later, Wake and Penr blew up the opposite wall with their outstanding new rollers.

Wake and Penr – rolling right along



Cannot tell a lie – Penr also captured Pinocchio in a private moment

Renowned Ex-Vandal writers Kuzen, MyBad, Sake and Stab fashioned outstanding new pieces beneath the long-standing rollers by Scum and Kepoh. Throws by Again, Busboy and Userp complete the scene.

Stab, Kuzo, MyBad, Abie, Scum and Kepoh


Kuzo (Kuzen)


Arie by Sake

Were the Blue Angels back in Bmore? No, even better, once again Nether’s paper airplanes flew gracefully on walls around town. Someone did a half-ass job buffing Nether’s flight squadron before Charm City Streets could photograph it. Looks like that dirty rat met his demise.

Look up in the sky – it’s Nether’s paper planes


Squadron formation

Missed photo op

Dirty rat buffed this wall


Dynamite new work exploded all around the city. On the southwest side Again reached outstanding lofty heights.


Again again

Again once again

Bruno Stpla visiting from LA


No spinach needed here … Kuzen and Penr

Rome – a landmark piece I believe

Rowl (@early_burd) has a striking style and strikes all over Bmore.


Rowl – a little weather-beaten

Color, line, and texture masterfully employed

Fortunately, Charm City Streets came across a “new” alleyway in Station North. Outer, Sper and Vash obviously preceded my visit.


Outer – throw and tag




Sper tag



Graffiti Alley witnessed lots of additional artistic activity.

West created an intriguing portrait by chipping away underlying paint layers.

An eye full by West

Red reflection

Zerger Kingshit big and bold


Dask – chrome by @spacebound_doctor

Orange octopus and prey by Cris

Eaze by @theeazeyartist

Red hot she devil

An exceptional exception to the rule – Eksrt usually does trains only

Pink lion by Nik Nak the Artist (@chillohaus)

Curvy and cute – dope wheatpaste by an unidentified artist

Even Mickey is fed up

The adults are lying – Awkward Adult

People are sick – Awkward Adult

Mind-blowing … stencil by an unidentified artist


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