Headlining today’s post … The Boss by Sacsix

In prior posts, I described how the ancient world used wheat paste to post legal decrees, public notices, advertisements, and ephemeral artwork. In our time, the term wheatpaste characterizes a particular form of street art: an illustration, painting or photo that an artist adheres to a public surface.

Six to eight years ago, on a regular basis, one would encounter fascinating wheatpastes around Baltimore. Since then the frequency of new wheatpastes in town has waned considerably. Now every other year or so, Nether and Stefan Ways (when he flies back from Portland for a visit) creates a dramatic new wheatpaste … and a joyful cheer reverberates around the city.

Last week my camera suffered overload while visiting New York City … wheatpastes were everywhere! A number dealt with politics and societal circumstances while many others were simply, undeniably clever and amusing. Here follows an eclectic selection of the wheatpastes I came across in and around Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

King Boy George held court recently in Williamsburg – elsol25

Waiting for a call with baited breath – Sacsix

Andy Warhol – Sacsix

Apparently, the Surgeon General’s warning went unheeded – Sacsix

Marty McFly – Sacsix

Pharrell Lincoln – Sacsix

Now, just some doofus poser thanks to the careless, inconsiderate addition of the face sticker.

Defaced before I could come back for an artful environment shot

Enter here all ye who seek skull-duggery … RX Skulls

A voice of reason in a toxic world – Voxx Romana

Ratanic, Meow and Angry Elephant – Pestilencia Worldwide

Ratanic and Covert

Beam me up, you dirty rat – Ratanic

Ratanic loves Lucy

RWK and zropro

Nile Rogers – The Postman

David Bowie – The Postman

Diversity is hope – Raf Urban

Diversity is hope – Raf Urban

Diversity is hope – Raf Urban

Believe survivors – gumshoeart (kinda wish I could unsee this)

There were more than a dozen different Popartoons wheatpastes around Brooklyn, and each featured a different character who, shall we say, required some reassembly.

Priority Mail Label 228 – Jayel

Priority Mail Label 228 – Jayel

Raddington Falls creates and displays Lego-like characters … such as this Forever young monument.

Military vet – RAD

Banana chips – RAD

Food delivery – RAD

RAD characters

A big fan – RAD

RAD and Marzipan Physics collaboration

Marzipan Physics

Marzipan Physics

Marzipan Physics

Marzipan Physics

Marzipan Physics

Sara Erenthal and Marzipan Physics

I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all – Sara Erenthal

It’s a perfect day for sex – Sara Erenthal

Never a dull moment – Sara Erenthal

See ya – Sara Erenthal

Let it happen – Sara Erenthal

The Mouse protests – Praxis

Grizzley – Praxis

Canada goose kills – Praxis

Neon Savage

Neon Savage

You cat to be kitten me – Kafka

The latest in feline fashion – Kafka

Thank you Banksy

Prior to his solo art show at The Living Gallery Outpost, elsol25 took over Freeman Alley for the weekend.

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

elsol25 in Freeman Alley

Skull cats by Captain Eyeliner

Sticker smash at Basquiat’s former studio


Hiss by @hissxx


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